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Strong means to not cry and hide your fears❌❌❌

Just this morning while having a convo with my mom, a discussion sparked this topic & I felt like I need to talk it out.

Crying & expressing our true, vulnerable feelings seems to have become the definition of weakness

And I don’t mean just in a men’s world refering to the stereotypical “boys don’t cry” or the hindi one “mard ko dard nai hota” :p I mean really?😬

But in general across the board for everyone, no gender-biases on this one lol

I chose to disagree

After ages of myself gulping my fears and tears I’ve realized that in a world that only appreciates the veiled emotions in the face of an expected ‘nice’ one

Expressing your honest feelings is strong 💪 even if they are that of fear or grief

And no one should be questioned just because they choose to express themselves in a way that that is different than your way (until it’s not harmful)

Our feelings are precious and need to be felt, expressed, and welcomed fully & wholeheartedly

Crying, expressing your feelings, asking for help are NOT signs of weakness

Instead, they’re all huge signs of strength❤✨

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