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Diwali, food & fitness

With Diwali🪔 just around the corner, it’s so easy to slip off from your fitness journey. Happens to me all the time.

Going to your hometown on Diwali break & with all those yummy sweets & delish food served right in front of you, it’s a temptation that’s pretty hard to resist.

I’m sure you’ll agree🙈

Slowly but surely you slide into those cozy comforters & there goes all those regular walks/runs/healthy diet — out of the window😛😂

Just like that, you end up putting on another couple of kgs within a week or two. Something that you’ve worked so hard to keep away.

Only to come back & realize how lazy you have become & regret it.

And then again, working hard to get back into the groove to meet your fitness where you had last left it.

But this time I’ve decided to just take some little steps & stay mindful while still enjoying the break, the food & keep my fitness on track at the same time-
🔹enjoy food but try to stick with only one helping i.e. not refill my plate again & again
🔹enjoy sweets but don’t overdo it again
🔹not pause my workout regime (of course, except on the festival day)
🔹encouraging food to be cooked in less oil/less oily
🔹eat at home i.e. home-cooked meals majority of the time
🔹go for healthy+yummy snack items even when entertaining guests

Just thought to share with you as I’ll be leaving for my hometown this evening so helps me stay accountable & in any case, it’s a reminder we all can use🙆‍♀️

Any additions you want to make to that list? 🙂

Meanwhile, in the pic, me after getting in an easy 5K run this morning 🏃‍♂️

Ok, let’s rock the day before drowning ourselves in the festivities 😅😅🎉

As always, keep finding your voice✌

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