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“It’s not food but the quantity that’s the problem.”

“It’s not food but the quantity that’s the problem.”

A friend said this to me & I could get it having had experienced the same issue myself.

And just the other day another friend was checking about some diet with me.

I told him that I don’t follow a diet & in general diets don’t work.

Instead, I do intuitive eating listening to my body & when it tells me that it’s done, I stop.

Rather than keep eating just because the food is super yum or to avoid any leftover or any other reason that I earlier used to give myself for eating further even after I’m full.

Besides that some healthy shifts I feel help a lot in making me feel light & healthy & relaxed/ NOT bloated throughout the day unlike before, like:
– ordering food from outside only occasionally
– avoiding processed food & carbonated drinks
– adapting to healthier alternatives to sugar
– making whole foods, green veggies &/fruits part of my meals the majority of the times
– keeping alcohol intake to the min
– doing gentle movements throughout the day
– doing some workout type 3-4 times a week, either running, gym, yoga etc.

Yes, it is not easy always to give in to the cravings, and quite frankly, I don’t avoid them always because I know that for the majority of the time, I’m making healthy eating choices so a few times in a month doesn’t matter. In fact, it’s much needed for my sanityπŸ˜…

Anyhow, healthy isn’t always easy but what I feel is that once your body gets attuned with it & makes it a natural choice then it’s surely a win-win without any struggle.

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How to recover from a long run?

I’ve been running regularly for 6 days straight now which is a HUGE thing for me. Especially since I’m a person for whom consistency is a major issue so been able to take the starting line for 6 days straight without a gap means a lot and hope I can continue with this rhythm.

I was feeling slight stress in my shins post run today, perhaps due to an increase in my running days without gaps. Will be resting well to make sure they get the relaxation they need to recover & rejuvenate.

Of course, complimenting my runs with stretching & gentle yoga practice does help me bring ease & flexibility to my body and the runs, so will continue with that as it is.

All said & done, today although was a just-a-run run for me but it was delicious, especially since I got up fairly early today (5-5:15 am around) & hit the road at about 6 am around. Truly early morning runπŸ₯°

Given the challenging times we’re living in, my running is one of those few things that is helping me stay sane.

What is that thing for you?

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This is why I love to stretch before and after my runs

Quad-stretch is one of my favorite stretches before & after a workout/ running. Another fav one is a hip flexor. Stretches like these make me:
πŸ’š Feel more flexible
πŸ’š Warm-up for the exercise
πŸ’š Opens up the potential for muscle movement
πŸ’š Releases muscle tension
πŸ’š Rejuvenates the muscles
πŸ’š Shakes off all the lethargy

No wonder why stretching is preached & practiced by so many athletes.

Of course, there are exercises where stretching is not recommended, rather it increases the risk of injury, for instance, strength training but for most people practicing dynamic workouts/ sports like running or playing hockey, stretching is very helpful.

Being a runner myself, I would say it’s a must!

Workout aside, doing some light gentle movements throughout the day is a great habit to include in your daily routine, especially in the current scenario when most of us are working from home.

Not only does it helps you to feel more active but also is a great addition to your healthy-living ritual to stay fit & healthy.

So, do take a moment every half-hour or so & break the monotony by something as simple as an arm stretch or sending kisses to the sky (neck stretch)😁 or just a fun stroll in your houseπŸͺ

Have a good one!❀✨

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How did I increase my running time and pace?

It was good weather this morning and enjoyed a nice morning run.

Earlier, I used to average about 20 minutes for most of my runs and the day I did 30 minutes or above, seemed like I really had to push my limits.

But I guess with time & getting comfortable AND confident about my running, I’m now easily able to clock 30 minutes averagely.

Feels good that I’m able to set new & higher averages for myself.

As always, I’m carrying this knowledge with me in my writing+ all the other activities, in my day & in life😊✨

How’s it going on your side?

Take care & be safe❀

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Puri, curry and halwa!

Navratri special lunch: Boiled potato-tomato curry, halwa & puri!❀

Here’s the recipe for the curry (for 2-3 people):
– prepare a paste of tomato+1/2 inch ginger+2 green chilis
– put 2 tps mustard oil in kadai & crackle hing+cumin seeds
– now add that paste to it & fry for a bit
– then add dry spices…turmeric/ red chili powder/ coriander powder & fry for a bit…then add 3-4 medium-sized roughly chopped tomatoes
– cook it for sometime & lastly add roughly mashed boiled potatoes & salt to taste
– again let everything boil for a bit until you get the kind of texture you are looking for in the gravy

And that’s it! Serve it with puri, chapati or steamed rice & enjoy! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’“