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5 Ways How Good Content Makes a Big Difference

As an entrepreneur, you know your business best. There’s no doubt about it. But as you already know and agree with, generating more leads isn’t just about having an awesome product and solving a problem. It forms a good chunk of the entire piece, sure, but that isn’t enough. And in my humble opinion, if there’s one thing that determines whether your target buyer would not just get curious aka become a prospect, it’s the content. Yes, the content. It’s sometimes the communicator who speaks on behalf of the product while other times it’s itself the product. In anyways, a good (not a controversial) one never misses leaving a mark.

That said, let’s take a look at the top 5 ways how good content makes a big difference and can help you get-in more buyers for your product/ service:

1. Catches the eye-balls

In other words, it’s the content that attracts people to your product and makes them curious to know more. No surprise why copywriting is one of the most useful skills to have! The better the copywriting on the product/ your website, the more likely it is to make a connection with your target customer and buyer.

2. Says “Hello!” from your product’s side

Or introduces your products to its target buyer. It’s details and specification which makes it use of the buyer to know if it’s what she is looking for or if it is something that can be useful to her. It also helps her make a comparison with other products in the same category.

For eg., if someone who’s very cautious about their health and is a regular consumer of honey, goes to purchase a new bottle of honey. Now, there’s a range of packaged honey bottles available from different brands so the buyer based on her experiences and the options available, reads about them and compares which one is purer (+sugar free) and then takes a decision. It is this information that impacted her buying decision.

3. Connects with the buyer’s pain points

Until the buyer recognizes or addresses her pain points or existing challenges, it’s not possible to solve it even if the solution exists. So it’s crucial to connect with her by creating a recall in her mind about those pain points and how do you potentially do this? Through communicating better via your content.

4. Talks on behalf of the product

It is the content that tells the consumer about how your product can help them meet their needs. How does it solves their problem, or eases their life, or does a value-add in their life?

5. Inspires the buyer to make press the ‘Place Your Order’ button

Adding a call-to-action is the most commonly given advice that you’ll hear in the digital marketing world but what works is not just providing a clear CTA but the planning, process, and subsequent steps before it that determines where the buy will hit that button or not. So, make sure you get them right.

So those were some major areas that show how important it is to have good, high-quality content for all communications between your product and its target buyer. And while no one knows your business better than you, but when it comes to creating content/ communication that’s clear, engaging, and on-point, is where you should consider hiring a professional copywriter. Preferably someone specializing in your niche or industry. This way you will have an expert by your side to help you express your product authentically and communicate/ engage with its target buyer in a manner that makes a difference. So you can do focus on doing what you do best.

And if your business is in the field of health and wellness, I’ll be happy to discuss it. To connect, drop me a note at, and let’s chat. Until next, stay well, stay safe.

Content Creation, Content Strategy, Content Writing

5 Golden Rules of Creating a Hard-Hitting Content Strategy

Creating a hard-hitting content strategy equals creating a positive recall in your customer’s mind that amplifies with time which ultimately leads to your desired Call-to-Action (CTA).

It involves getting into the skin of your brand/ product to actually understand its value proposition. It involves getting into the shoes of your customers/ target market and understand their needs. And then create a few core messages that become the red beating heart of your entire content strategy across the platforms be it your website, social media, emailers, or anything else, including how to talk about your brand. These central messages become the cornerstone on which then the entire content strategy for product marketing and brand promotion is built.

Not to scare you away but truth be told, creating a content strategy that works for you and does the work for you isn’t easy. And I’m pretty sure you know that already which is why I want to share my 5 golden rules to keep in mind as you carve out a powerful content strategy for your brand to make it stick in your customer’s mind. Makes them stay connected with it and keep coming back for more. Let’s dive right in!

Rule 1: Know the purpose of the content strategy and state it clearly

– What do you want to achieve through this content strategy?
– Where do you intend to use it and how?
– What is the end goal?

The more clarity you have about your final destination, the higher are the chances that you’ll reach there and quickly.

Rule 2: Know your target market really well

– Study
– Research (survey, interview, read everything possible in your capacity)
– Sketch a user/ customer persona capturing as many details as possible

From here on, see this customer persona as your ideal customer and create your content strategy with her in mind.

Rule 3: Tell your brand’s story, origin, and purpose rather than churning out robotic salesy pitches

Close your eyes and imagine the last salesy ad you saw today and how did it make you feel? Cringy right? As much as possible we all want to avoid, ignore, skip the bland and boring salesy pitches be it changing the channel or literally pressing the skip button on the ad.

But in the same place, if you tell a story that lets your customer see through the soul of your brand by sharing your brand story, it’s value and what it stands for, it is sure to hit the right chords and leave a mark in their minds and hearts.

Rule 4: Don’t just share your product’s feature but tell how does it actually make a difference in the user’s mind

For instance, if it’s a product like Fitbit, the content strategy should revolve around the features or utilities it offers like checking the pulse rate, calories burnt, etc. but actually what are the health benefits it adds to the user’s life eg. staying aware of your pulse rate and planning your schedule and lifestyle accordingly, significantly reduces the risk of heart disease or complications.

Rule 5: Once crafted, let your content strategy sit with your customer for a good while

Identify the central brand messaging and stick to it. Don’t change or modify the content strategy before the planned period. Plan for a 3 months content marketing plan, create a content strategy for it, and stick to it for that period. This way you allow it the time to sit with the audience for a good while which is the only fair way to can take a call whether it’s working for you or not.

So these were my 5 golden rules to create a hard-hitting content strategy, hope you found them to be useful. Before leaving, here’s a bonus one, keep it simple. Yep. That means, don’t over complicate your content strategy with too many or too complex central messages/ core themes. They have to be as simple as can be understood by a person in whose half-asleep. Haha, well content strategy is fascinating but let’s be honest, not glamorous enough to be dreamt about, but you get the drift.

With that, time for me to take a leave. If content strategy is something that interests you and you would like to learn more about it, how to create it and how can it help your business grow, then hit the follow button on my blog and to stay posted! Until next, Take care and be safe 🙂

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5 Killer Benefits to Have a Savage Brand Messaging

As a founder or business head, you’re the best at understanding the market, the problem of your end-user, and coming up with a solution for your target market. Although, unless your product is able to get enough attention from the people to actually purchase and try it for the first time to see how awesome it is, how will it generate demand and create a market share for itself? This is where brand messaging comes into the picture.

What is Brand Messaging?

Brand Messaging is an expression of a product’s value proposition through content. It’s the product’s brand messaging that resonates with its buyers and inspires them to ultimately buy it.

Now that we have our context sitting at the right place, let’s unravel the top 5 benefits to have a killer brand messaging:

  1. Makes the first move
    Althought it might appear from the outside that it’s the buyer who makes the first move to know more about your product when it’s actually the other way around. It’s the brand messaging of your product which attracts the buyer and make her curious a.k.a interested to know more about it.

2. Introduces the product to the buy
Now that the buyer has picked up your product, either virtually or literally, it’s brand messaging further introduces it to her by sharing more information about it. Product details, its story, what it stands for, and its value proposition, everything is shared through its brand messaging.

3. Nails the first impression
After all, what’s the point of an introduction if it fails to leave a mark, right?

4. Recounts the value, not the features
A product’s brand messaging plays a pivotal role in creating a recall for the value that the brand adds to its user’s lives, not just its features. For instance, let’s say the product (an edu-tech app) provides solutions to mathematics questions that students are looking an answer for. One of its USPs is a quick turn-around time, in less that 5 minute. Now a good brand messaging will not stop at communicating this feature but will also let the user actually understand its benefits, which in this case could be:
– more time for practice
– rigourous preparation assistance
– better results

5. Inspires the buyer to ultimately make the purchase
It’s the brand’s messaging accompanied by a convincing value proposition of the product which is what inspires the buyer to ultimately buy the product. But honestly, did I really needed to add a line for this one? (even though I just did 😋).

In a nutshell, it’s how your product communicates with the buyer that hugely determines it’s fate to get SOLD OUT.

So there you have it, some pretty fantastic work that you can make your brand messaging do for you, of course, if you get it right. This is why I encourage you to spend enough time and effort on it right from the start without losing time until you learn this the hard way. And if you’re not sure how to go about it, go ahead and reach out to a content strategist or brand messaging expert and get it in place for your brand.

Stay safe, stay well. Until next!