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Ladies’ fingers veggie with parathas!

Bhindi ki Sabzi & Paratha, a sweet reminiscent of the good old school days when this used to be the most frequent meal for lunch in our tiffins😁👩‍👧💕

all 90s born north-indians will relate to this haha!

of course sometimes mummy used to pack it with paratha other times with puri but what remained a constant fav was bhindi (ladies’ fingers)…easy to cook and tasty to have

it still remains my evergreen fav breakfast/ lunch/ dinner meal lol😅

after all, who doesn’t loves bhindi..?!

though the prep of maing simple bhindi sabzi is pretty simple, just saute (until soft) small chopped pieces of bhindi after crackling cumin seeds, today I tried it another way by adding equal quantity of chopped onion along with bhindi..adding dry spices as per taste

for paratha dough use whole wheat flour+methi leaves+ajwain+little red chilli powder+salt to taste

that’s it! super yummy breakfast, just the way i wanted to have 🙂


btw, it’s spring time here in India…such a pleasant weather these days to go for picnics and all🌼🎐 have a good day.

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Daliya! broken wheat, banana, dry fruits bowl

Daliya, banana & dry fruits bowl, a treat for a breakfast lover like me!😬❤

daliya (bulgur wheat/ broken wheat) more or less shares the same nutritional value as oats and also easy to make a tasty bowl

as it is, it’s mostly a staple when it comes to the breakfast menu in any Indian household

and seeing so many healthy bowls in my feed I thought of why not put together a healthy one for myself with daliya as the base💃

the prep remains simple as always if making for one person:
🧡 roast 1/2 cup of daliya in 1/4 tbsp of ghee/ unsalted butter (although this step could be avoided altogether if you want to avoid ghee)
🧡 next, put it in a pressure cooker and add 2 cups of water and wait for 1-2 whistles. alternatively, you can boil it in 2-3 cups of water for like 3-4 mins (the coarse broken wheat should’ve significantly become bigger)
🧡 then to that mix add 2 cups of milk and 1-2 tbsp sugar or any healthy sugar alternative like coconut sugar etc. I used 2 tbsp jaggery powder to mine
🧡 after cooking for 2-3 mins add 1/2 tbsp of ilaichi powder (cardamom powder) & give it a final stir 1-2 times & that’s it
🧡 serve it with your choice of dressing & enjoy!😁🌼✨

before signing off here are a few things I got to know about daliya as in its nutritional value that I want to share:
💪 daliya is a rich source of healthy carbs (complex carbs), protein as well as micronutrients
💪 it helps in improving metabolism & relieving constipation since it’s rich in fiber
💪 helps in weight management as keeps your stomach full for a longer time thus controls hunger pangs, again thanks to its fiber content
💪 good protein component so helpful for ppl focusing on muscle building
💪 good for diabetics as keeps blood sugar levels in control

ok bye!🙋🏻‍♀️

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Spinach-cottage cheese curry

Can someone pls challenge me in making Palak-paneer 😭😍🐼

just kidding🦉

no need to challenge🙈


Ok, now that I’ve completely used up my smily ration for today, I’ll have to say this again…

and won’t hesitate to keep bringing this up over and over again that palak-paneer is one of the most healthy plant-based curry recipes

also yummiest and one of maah favs!

The prep is simple,
– saute onion-ginger-garlic paste in 2 tbsp mustard oil along with cumin seeds
– after 2-3 mins add the dry spices you would like to taste (usually turmeric, red chilli and coriander power is a standard for all indian curries) and saute for another 1 min
– then add tomato puree to the mix. and cook it for 2 min
– next, add the paste of spinach leaves (nice washes, boiled for a min then pureed), another 1 mins of mixing well
– last but not the least, add cube sized pieces of paneer i.e. cottage cheese along with some garam masala to this curry and let it all get nicely mixed and soak in all flavours, for about 2 mins

and tada! it’s ready😁

My lunch plate in this pic: Palak-paneer served with rice and some cucumber slices splashed with lemon drops & chaat masala/black salt🦉

500 CALS (approx)

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How did I start my running journey?

3 years back, I was at my all-time low, in terms of health, career, money & relationships. It was also when I started my running journey.

After going through a series of turbulent events in the second half of 2018, of course the painfully lonely, empty years before that were a perfect invite for this unavoidable storm…I decided to change cities and my friends helped me to make that move.

I shifted to Noida with 2 other of my friends’ whom I met on an FB flat & flatmates group. I was lucky to have gotten such lovely flatmates, both of them but particularly lucky to have met Chetna.

She’s such an inspiration esp when you talk about health & fitness. I saw Chetna going for runs every day and doing yoga and I felt so inspired by her dedication towards her health that I started it too.

Of course, in the beginning, it was tuff..very very tuff to even run for 5 mins that too at a tortoise speed🙈 but as time went by and I understood how to stay in control of my breath, maintain a rhythm and enjoy my runs, running started becoming less of an effort as I’d started enjoying it more & of course, had started to get better at this amazing sport.

Running helped me in so many ways tbh. Some obvious like improving my stamina, my willpower, my health, helping in weight reduction, I can keep adding to that list but the thing that running helped me the most with was giving me the confidence…that I needed the most at that time.

The confidence of knowing that if I put in the work, even I can be good at something.

And I’ll be forever grateful to Chetna for introducing this great sport to me and to running itself for giving me that hope that even when I was hopeless and facing my darkest time, that there was still light on the other side…if only you don’t give up and keep reaching out❤

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How to create a clean, green and healthy plate?

Ok, first thing’s first, who so ever has designed a traditional Indian thali, must be a genius..that’s what I feel

I mean just look at the composition and the balance of taste+nutrition it gives

there’s daal (lentils), an excellent source of plant-based protein, also rich in B vits, iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc

then there are sauteed green veggies of your choice, and we all got to eat out veggies every day in a considerably good portion

salad, again amazing nutritional value

all and all if we put all of these together carefully, they create a colorful as well as a totally nourishing meal with all essential macronutrients as well as a good amount of micronutrients

a place I feel that makes a difference is the proportions, what’s portion of what are you curating your plate with…

based on my research, here’s an easy guide to put together a healthy plate:
– 50% of the plate should be veggies & salad
– 25% should be proteins eg. pulse (like lentils, beans, etc)
– 25% should be healthy plant-based carbs as derived from whole grains eg. bread, roti, rice
– fat in moderation (speaking particularly about Indian meals, we use plant-based oils while cooking veggies + putting tadka in the daal, so I guess for us, fat proportion gets covered there)

++ chutney, again a plant-based paste that helps boost digestion so a great plus there too

ps: the size of the plate matters too, again for more specific guidance it’s a great idea to consult a credible nutritionist for that

in the pic: rice, mixed daal, sauteed veggies, salad & papad❤ which reminds me of my world-popular (in my flat😛) dhaniya-pudina chutney got over and got to make some more for the next week

chalo tc, back to work, bbye!