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Getting Control Of Your Life Back

OK so I’m a 31-year-old content writer, digital marketer and businesswoman in the making. I know, to some it might sound like what?! You are 31 and still figuring it out. Well, we all are in some way or another. Yeah, so I’m not alone which to me is reassuring.

So what exactly do I mean to get control of your life back? It’s like filling-up the cracks that you see in your life to paint the picture of your life the way you want it to look like. OK, simply put, living life to your fullest potential.

Speaking about cracks, let me show a few of mine.

A couple of years back, I faced what we can call it as a quarter-life crisis. I’d a decent job which paid me well and was doing good. Initially, it was all good, I was learning and trying to deliver my best until after a few years I realized that this isn’t something I would like to continue doing or grow my career in for the rest of my life. I made the decision to move out of what no longer fulfilled my heart and started doing something that resonated more to me. I picked writing as a service that I want to give and also make my living out of it. I can’t say I’m the best writer out there, but if I put my mind to it, I do good work.

Some areas that I face a challenge with and that I’m committing to turn-it around for myself are taking care of my mental health and becoming better in sales.

Taking care of my mental health with meditation and yoga
I’m anxious by nature. Mostly I’m a restless go-getter person, if I want something, I go and get it. So if and when I don’t see things in my control, it makes me anxious. It’s as if the uncertainty of it all, the unknown nature of such events at some level is not something I take up very well. But there’s only so much we have control on. Most of the time, we do what we have to do, give life our best shot and then not worry much about it and instead, just keep going. So patience, resilience and most importantly peace of mind, is what that I seek. And the way I choose to acquire those skills is by doing meditation and yoga. Besides, it will also help me increase my concentration.

Get better at selling my services
My services are good, although I do believe I can do a much better job at selling them. I know I can get much better prices for what I do. I do not want to short sell myself and yes, doing the job you love isn’t just enough. It is my duty to ensure that I make money that I believe I deserve. And boy, I deserve making GOOD money! Of course, using my super amazing skills. So yeah, that’s the other skill I want to develop.

Well, meditation, yoga, and sales are the three skills that I have decided to master and will be doing my very best to become good at in the next 6 months. What about you? I would love to know in the comment below.

Also, take good care of yourself in this time of Corona emergency. Just know, that things will start to return to normal very soon. Stay protected, be safe and keep finding your voice.

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