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Fighting Loneliness Amidst Corona Lockdown

So it’s the 8th day of Corona lockdown in India, which I just came to know through a WhatsApp ping. By the way, did you know that?
Don’t worry there’s no one to judge here. What difference does it make when anyways you got to stay locked inside your home and try to do the best you can at home, work front or living in general. Needless to say that Corona has shaken the whole world upside down.
They say the most vulnerable population to be affected by the pandemic is that of elderlies (senior citizens), kids and pregnant women, but I believe it has damaged the entire ‘world health’ in almost all possible ways whether its:

  • Health crisis due to the virus itself
  • The poor who is facing the beat of existential crisis
  • Financial crisis due to the economy crashing or
  • Other issues spreading their arms like sprawling loneliness, severe health and life damages to people undergoing addiction withdrawal (by chose or due to lack of availability and treatment options) etc.

Now as a responsible citizen, I’m doing my bit in the war again Corona virus by contributing in all the ways I can. But as a writer who is an introvert by nature, I’ve got more to share especially at this time when some of you could find yourself struggling with loneliness and the anxiety and depression caused due to the lockdown.
And the way I’m going to do that is by sharing how I embrace my solitude, remain open for connections that I resonate with me and enjoy them to the fullest, without letting loneliness and anxiety loom on me and suck me in it deep dark void. So I here I go:

Planning my day ahead is cathartic
It gives me goals or mini-milestones to achieve through-out the day. With each check ticking-off boxes on completion of each milestone, the sense of accomplishment takes my confidence a notch higher. On the side-note the more clearly defined the planning eg. assigning the time to all major tasks (blog writing- 1 hour) etc., the more productive day I have.

Prioritizing my physical and mental health
The importance of which needs no explanation. In the past couple of years, my health and wellbeing is something that I’ve started to make a conscious effort to take care of. As I age, I’ve started to realize my blessings more and more. One of the major once being my body and my health. And so I don’t just think of taking care of it just as a need but also as a part of my being. It’s my vessel, I got to take care of it. My way of doing it is by exercising, going for run (barring the current scenario), meditating, making sure I’m taking a healthy diet and staying hydrated. And also continue to learn new skills that interest me and make me healthier. I have recently started doing yoga.

Learning new skills and unleashing my awesome
Not just it makes me good at something that I can boast about :P, it makes me feel more awesome. Learning new skills is like unleashing your awesome. Adding one more feather to my hat, one more color to my crayon box! OK evil-boasting kept aside, the process of learning and doing good in something that you have so dearly wished you could do, what better high can you ask for? Mmm-mmm very rare to beat that one, I bet you. That for me remains meditating, yoga, reading (, also can learning solving rubik’s cube be considered one? If so then +1 to that).

Engaging and giving my time, company and love to those I care about
Whether it’s watering my plants, taking care of the two little babies that wait for me to give them biscuits or a little pat and rub on their backs or greeting the elderly uncle living in my building who frequently crosses my path or doing little heartfelt small talks or long deep conversation on call or text with my family and friends, I cherish them all. After all, we are here to make connections.

And listening songs, dancing a bit, laughing, crying-a-bit if I feel like and in the words of Heather Havrilesky learning & savoring “the grace that lives and breathes in every cell of this real, heartbreaking, imperfect world”.

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