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Are you a lazy runner like me?

“You just ran yesterday, it’s OK. One day rest😜” said a lazy voice in my head this morning.

Thankfully, I didn’t listen.

Instead I thought, let me just get up & do whatever I can even if it’s just going for a little walk.

And got up, got ready & left for my run.

20 minutes run, 20 minutes done!

I left with the feeling of joy, happiness, better health, endurance, commitment & motivation after finishing my recovery run.

Most importantly, as a better version of myself than when I started 💪✨

And all powered up to come back for it again tomorrow🏃‍♂️

That’s it about me.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

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Growth in one area of life inspires growth in all areas of life.

Growth in one area of life inspires growth in all areas of life.

My pics above are proof of this as I lost nearly 8 Kgs over time through running.

The one on the left is me in late 2018.

Struggling in almost all areas of my life – health, career, relationship or finance.

Trying to bring it all together though with little progress.

Then through a lucky accident, a friend introduced me to running.

Seeing her run every morning inspired me to give it a try too!

The start was painful, to say the least, yet I didn’t give up.

It was a commitment I’d made with myself for my health & fitness. I had to live up to it.

Just kept reminding myself of this whenever I felt like taking a break or giving up completely and continued to show up anyway.

In 3 months time, something amazing started to happen.

People who saw me after a while started complimenting me that I’ve lost a lot.

This further motivated me to stay at it while I’d already started taking this newfound energy & confidence into other areas of my life.

The precious lessons that running taught me started to bleed into all areas of my life & started benefiting them.

Over time, I lost nearly 8 Kgs of excess body weight but more than that I gained:
– Immense self-confidence
– Endurance
– Self-awareness
– Self-love
– A source of strength
– A calmer, more relaxed state of mind
– A fresh perspective to look at things
– Ability to make myself feel good
– Better health overall
– Improved quality of life
– Happiness

…and so much more than maybe I can’t fully express in words.

It all started just by running with purpose.

This is why I believe we should never underestimate the power of little healthy shifts & habits.

Test, experiment & find one single healthy habit to do at least 4-5 days a week.

Even if it’s something as simple as 30 mins brisk walk every day (tbh, it’s great actually).

Get started & stick with it.

Make it your constant to keep coming back to no matter what.

In time, its results will surprise you, beyond the obvious health benefits.

And you’ll feel the shift in your energy & see how things start turning around for you✨

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Things to know before you start your first run!

“Are there any specifics of running that one should know before starting?” someone asked.

Few things that I feel make it a slow & steady take-off:

– Really good, comfortable running shoes. Currently, I have Nike Air, they’re very cushioned and great for running. Shoes play a huge role in cushioning the pressure on keens & feet.

– Comfortable workout clothes, the body sweats so the cloth need to support and help you stay relaxed and comfortable.

Now about the process:

– I prefer early morning runs, you prefer the timing that suits best you and in which you feel your best.

– Make sure you don’t eat anything 2 hours before running, have an empty stomach in every way and possibly your body is well-rested.

– As you start, put your toe first then the whole foot. Spreads the pressure evenly, otherwise, if whole feet is put at ones then a lot of pressure goes in the brain.

– The most imp thing, start your run easy, very very easy. You need to be in control of your breath although. So no pressure, nothing. Run relaxed.

And I guess that’s it, you’ll do great

Download the NRC app, they provide guided runs Start with them, day 1, day 2 n so on.

And send me an invite over there, we’ll be connected there too!

Can’t wait to see your first running post!!!❤

Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram. See you!

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How did I start my running journey?

3 years back, I was at my all-time low, in terms of health, career, money & relationships. It was also when I started my running journey.

After going through a series of turbulent events in the second half of 2018, of course the painfully lonely, empty years before that were a perfect invite for this unavoidable storm…I decided to change cities and my friends helped me to make that move.

I shifted to Noida with 2 other of my friends’ whom I met on an FB flat & flatmates group. I was lucky to have gotten such lovely flatmates, both of them but particularly lucky to have met Chetna.

She’s such an inspiration esp when you talk about health & fitness. I saw Chetna going for runs every day and doing yoga and I felt so inspired by her dedication towards her health that I started it too.

Of course, in the beginning, it was tuff..very very tuff to even run for 5 mins that too at a tortoise speed🙈 but as time went by and I understood how to stay in control of my breath, maintain a rhythm and enjoy my runs, running started becoming less of an effort as I’d started enjoying it more & of course, had started to get better at this amazing sport.

Running helped me in so many ways tbh. Some obvious like improving my stamina, my willpower, my health, helping in weight reduction, I can keep adding to that list but the thing that running helped me the most with was giving me the confidence…that I needed the most at that time.

The confidence of knowing that if I put in the work, even I can be good at something.

And I’ll be forever grateful to Chetna for introducing this great sport to me and to running itself for giving me that hope that even when I was hopeless and facing my darkest time, that there was still light on the other side…if only you don’t give up and keep reaching out❤