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Firsts are always special❤

Sold the first copy of my first ebook yesterday!

It’s a beautiful feeling to see it out in the world after all the days & nights gone in making it happen.

But I know I’d to do it.

Especially after all the love, appreciation & opportunities, this platform has given me.

My ebook, Find Your Voice on LinkedIn & 3x Your Leads in 3 Weeks, is a tell a tale guide for personal branding and lead generation on LinkedIn.

In it, I share my LinkedIn journey & proven tips & strategies that helped me 3x my (inbound) leads on LinkedIn within 3 months.

The motivation behind it is to help those who are trying to create a trusted presence in their domain & attract relevant work opportunities for themselves including:

– ideal clients/ businesses
– jobs
– HRs
– internships
– networking for career growth
– business alliances
– collabs

Basically, anything & everything that comes with having a credible online presence in your field.

I hope & wish each one of us can make the most of this powerful platform to turn our career & life around.

My heartiest thanks to you for your relentless support & encouragement throughout my journey.

And I know you must be so happy reading this❤✨

That’s it, that’s all from my side for today.

The ebook is available on my home page here.

I know you would love to check it out cause this book is not just mine, it’s yours too.

Cheers to new beginnings & finding our voice!😊✨

Content Creation, Content Strategy, LinkedIn Branding, Personal Branding

No leads after posting consistently?

No leads even after creating content consistently?

Here’s a common mistake you could be making-

Not having a clear LinkedIn content strategy.

This is a common mistake many content creators make.

Their range of content topics is SO wide that it leaves their target audience confused.

Their content is all over the place.

As a result, it fails to:
– reinforce their brand message
– misses to make a connection
– leave a lasting impression

Consequently, no/low-quality leads.

To attract high-quality leads, you need to create content that resonates with your target audience by-

🎯 Identifying & creating content around one central brand message
🎯 Connecting with your TA’s pain points
🎯 Sharing value-adding content (tips, strategies, case studies)

For this to happen, you must have a clear & personalized LinkedIn content strategy.

How to create one for yourself?

Read my ebook Find Your Voice on LinkedIn & 3x Your Leads in 3 Months wherein I give a step-by-step process to do that.

Ultimately, consistency isn’t enough.

Content creation without an objective & strategy won’t give you the desired results.

So be clear, be strategic, speak your heart & find your voice😊✨

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Nature, smell of wet soil, tea and me✨

The kind of days when your balcony becomes your home & a cup of ginger tea, your best friend.

The light water drizzles massage your foot resting one over the other on a small stool as you continue to work on the laptop sitting on your lap.

As the smell of the fresh wet soil mixed with sweet jasmine casts a spell on you, you relax your eyelids & get lost in a beautiful unknown land.

Days like these are like a vacation.

So important every once in a while to calm down, relax, breathe & get a fresh, clean, rain-washed view.

A much-needed shift in the vibe that leaves you with just one feeling & that is, feeling good❤✨

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I missed my periods!

Just in case you’re reading my blog for the first time, my name is Pragya, I’m 32, a freelance health and wellness writer based in Noida, India. And for some weird reason my interest in knowing more about my reproductive health is increasing by the day🙈 For that reason I started to track my periods for the first time in my life! (yeah now at 32, better late than never)🤷‍♀️

So the first month went great and was happy to know that I complete my cycle in 25 days (the first month since my tracking). Marked my calendar for the next expected date that could be anywhere around 27-28th of April.

However, to my surprise this time let alone 25 days, my periods even missed the most commonly expected 28th-day mark. Was a bit worried to say the least since I haven’t been sexually active in the last month, am not on any medications or undergoing any treatments or don’t have any health condition as such that I could root it back to.

Anyhow, I didn’t give it much thought at that time since already a lot was going on that I was dealing with (pandemic being one of them, still dealing with it to be honest). A week went by but nothing. It was when I hit the 10-days-late mark that I started to panic a bit. As in, so many thoughts were popping in my head, such as what if:

😢 It’s early menopause 😰 (not even married yet, and I wish to one day to be honest and make some babies)

😢 I’ve contracted some disease (in my breasts? as I felt a slight pain in my bosom for about a week)

😢 I’m developing some health condition related to hormonal imbalance?

Phew! Basically every negative reason/scenario I could think of. But then shortly after all of these scenarios I also reversed them with something like:

❤ It’s Ok, even if it’s early menopause, I can still have babies, I can adopt them 🙂

❤ I can’t jump to any conclusions like contraction of any disease just because I missed my dates once. Will visit a gynecologist for a checkup after the pandemic situation relieves a bit.

❤ God has blessed me with good health and a healthy body, nothing is going to happen to me, I’m going to live a healthy life.

And just as I was getting at peace in knowing that it’s fine and no need to worry if I miss my periods once in a while or they get extremely delayed, this morning, I got my perrriioooodddss!💃 (+ the pain in my breasts also gone:))

If you’re too experiencing a similar situation as I did, please don’t panic. I get it, it can easily send anyone to think of the worst-case scenarios but trust me it’s not as important that it costs your mental peace.

So stay positive and if the situation persists, visit your gyno for a checkup. In fact, I’m coming to believe now that after the age of 30, every woman should start visiting their gyno quarterly (or at least bi-annually) for a checkup. Ok Stay well, stay safe/ see you!🙋🏻‍♀️

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Here’s why I shied-away from marketing myself for the longest time!

As an introvert who was deeply passionate about doing something that helps improve people’s lives, I knew I’d found my calling when I chose health and nutrition writing to be my vocation.

But, who knew that the struggle isn’t over yet? yet another challenge, a new one after figuring out my niche😛

Because as you’ll agree, though not sure why it took so much time for ME to realize it🙈, that merely having talent isn’t enough, you got to market yourself too! Big time.

What was I even thinking? like the day Pragya figures out her passion, like clients will start raining from the heavens or what 😂🤦🏻‍♀️💭

Eventually, I realized that ain’t working for me, I mean I was barely surviving trying to keep my head above the surface just so I can breathe but for how long I could’ve carried on like that anyway🤷‍♀️

Most of my clients up until now had been either via inbound leads OR via referrals(yes, I’ve a great set of friends & fellow content writers :)) but that just didn’t cut in terms of my financial goals.

Tbh, I was just struggling. I mean how far can you expect you to go if you just rely on just choosing from what comes your way?

I knew that if I wanted more, I’d to go out there, market myself, promote my services and get the high-quality clients that I knew I deserved.

But the biggest mental blocks that I faced was that:

🧡 If I reached out to my potential prospects and told them what I’ve to offer them even though I’m not sure whether they need my services or not will be like pushing someone & trying to sell someone something they don’t need

🧡 I didn’t want to bother anyone with my cold-pitches recalling how the feels I get when someone sends me a LinkedIn connection request & slaps their service promotions right as I accept it (I still don’t like it)

🧡 The age-old adage that we’ve grown-up feeding on i.e if you’re really good at something, the world will take a note. Took me quite some time to realize that that ain’t totally true. I mean it doesn’t work that way or at least it didn’t for me cause I knew I was good at it but still, clients were always MIA lol. God! how did that happen, so unfair :p

And if you’re an introverted, female business owner, I’m sure you relate to this.

But then while surfing on the net one day I came across Marie Forleo’s YouTube channel & liked her content so much that I binged over her videos! Amongst so many gold nuggets, this one stood out for me & that’s when I started to look at sales in a completely different light💡

..and that made the much-needed mindset shift ✨