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I got lucky last week!

I got lucky last week. Got more leads, more work & more money when I was expecting it the least.

Here’s what happened-

I decided to take a complete week off from work.

And did that.

I’d obviously closed all the deliverables beforehand, to avoid doing any work during the week.

But just when I chose to step away from work for a bit, this is what ended up happening:

🧿 Content writing leads kept coming my way in DMs
🧿 I got a much-awaited work query from a prospect. Finally! That too when I was on break, can you believe it 😂
🧿 I got Rs.10,000/- referral amount from a healthcare specialized web & app development company
🧿 Got multiple queries from aspiring health writers asking for consultation sessions with me (themselves offering to pay for it😳)
🧿 Job proposals from HRs for health, healthcare & wellness related roles

To sum it up, even my taking a break didn’t stop LinkedIn from sending more work/money my way😅

A well optimzed LinkedIn profile is high-ranking website.

It’s working for you even when you are away.

If only, you do it right.

So, be very thoughtful about:
📍having a well-optimized LinkedIn profile
🍎creating value-adding content that aligns with what you want to be known for
🌻 engaging meaningfully


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Talking about breaks, have you ever gotten more leads/work/money when you were least expecting it?

Let me know in the comments 😊

And as always, keep finding your voice❤✨