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You don’t have to run every day to be a runner

You don’t have to run every day to be a runner.

It’s a fact & applies to everything we do. Here’s how-

I went for a run today after almost a month & still was able to run pretty well, for a good long while!

6.2K in 48.09 mins. to be precise (check out my insta story if you don’t believe me).

Pretty bada$$ right?!😎 I know.

To reaffirm-

You don’t have to run every day to be a runner.


You don’t have to write every day to be a writer 😉

or anything else.

Yet another amazing lesson that I’m taking from my running to all other areas of my life❤

Any recent lesson you learned from your health routine/hobby/interest that you feel can be applied to amplify all other areas of your life?

Share in the comment.

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Have a bright, shiny Monday & keep finding your voice😊✨

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