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Firsts are always special❤

Sold the first copy of my first ebook yesterday!

It’s a beautiful feeling to see it out in the world after all the days & nights gone in making it happen.

But I know I’d to do it.

Especially after all the love, appreciation & opportunities, this platform has given me.

My ebook, Find Your Voice on LinkedIn & 3x Your Leads in 3 Weeks, is a tell a tale guide for personal branding and lead generation on LinkedIn.

In it, I share my LinkedIn journey & proven tips & strategies that helped me 3x my (inbound) leads on LinkedIn within 3 months.

The motivation behind it is to help those who are trying to create a trusted presence in their domain & attract relevant work opportunities for themselves including:

– ideal clients/ businesses
– jobs
– HRs
– internships
– networking for career growth
– business alliances
– collabs

Basically, anything & everything that comes with having a credible online presence in your field.

I hope & wish each one of us can make the most of this powerful platform to turn our career & life around.

My heartiest thanks to you for your relentless support & encouragement throughout my journey.

And I know you must be so happy reading this❤✨

That’s it, that’s all from my side for today.

The ebook is available on my home page here.

I know you would love to check it out cause this book is not just mine, it’s yours too.

Cheers to new beginnings & finding our voice!😊✨

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