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Paneer Bhurjee and Chapati!

The beauty of life is in simple things like this plate of Paneer Bhurjee & chapatis✨

Recipe for Sauteed Cottage Cheese Veggie:
– Crackle mustard seeds in 2 tsp hot mustard oil in a pan
– Sautee 1 finely chopped onion until light brown then add 1 medium-sized tomato  + 1 small green chilli (finely chopped) & saute until they turn soft
– Now add dry spices of your choice to this mix, for me, it’s 1/2 tsp turmeric powder & 1/2 tsp coriander powder for this recipe. Sautee for another 30 secs
– To this add handful of boiled peas & softly crushed fresh-cottage cheese
– Mix it all up & let it cook on low flame for 1 min.
– Finally, add some finely chopped fresh coriander & pinch of black pepper powder & garam masala (totally optional) & cook it for another 1 min.

And voila! Paneer Bhurjee is READY!

Enjoy it with chapati or paratha or any other choice of bread ✨

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