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Things to know before you start your first run!

“Are there any specifics of running that one should know before starting?” someone asked.

Few things that I feel make it a slow & steady take-off:

– Really good, comfortable running shoes. Currently, I have Nike Air, they’re very cushioned and great for running. Shoes play a huge role in cushioning the pressure on keens & feet.

– Comfortable workout clothes, the body sweats so the cloth need to support and help you stay relaxed and comfortable.

Now about the process:

– I prefer early morning runs, you prefer the timing that suits best you and in which you feel your best.

– Make sure you don’t eat anything 2 hours before running, have an empty stomach in every way and possibly your body is well-rested.

– As you start, put your toe first then the whole foot. Spreads the pressure evenly, otherwise, if whole feet is put at ones then a lot of pressure goes in the brain.

– The most imp thing, start your run easy, very very easy. You need to be in control of your breath although. So no pressure, nothing. Run relaxed.

And I guess that’s it, you’ll do great

Download the NRC app, they provide guided runs Start with them, day 1, day 2 n so on.

And send me an invite over there, we’ll be connected there too!

Can’t wait to see your first running post!!!❤

Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram. See you!

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