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“How do I burn more calories?”

“How do I burn more calories? Like I have seen people burning 300 calories in 30 minutes.” A friend asked me.

Before anything else, here’s a fun fact:

You need to go in the calorie deficit of 7000 cals to lose 1kg of fat😬

Now coming back to the question,

Let’s say you aim at losing 2 kgs in a month…

(FYI, aiming to lose anything more than 1/2kg to 1kg per week, I don’t consider healthy, but this is my opinion)

…meaning you’ll have to aim for achieving a calorie deficit of 14000 cals per month ie. approx. 3500 cals/ week or 500 cals/ day.

How can workouts facilitate that?

Speaking based on my health watch and running app stats:

πŸ”₯ Walking 8000 steps/day makes you burn somewhere around 400 cals
πŸ”₯ Running at the pace of 6 for around 30 mins burns 300 cals approx

In short, if you want to target burning 300-400 cals/ day via physical exercise then you’ll need to do either an intense workout or go for long-duration workouts.

How can diet help you lose weight?

Considering we’re burning 300 cals via workouts, so it leaves us with just another 300 cals (I prefer to go for the upper limit always so that we don’t fall short) to burn via diet management.

Here are a few tips on how can you do that:

πŸ’š Go for a plant-based, whole food diet
πŸ’š Avoid packaged/ processed food
πŸ’š Be mindful about your portion-size
πŸ’š Avoid overeating/ emotional eating
πŸ’š Avoid second servings
πŸ’š Limit sugar intake
πŸ’š Include healthier alternatives of certain foods in your diet (eg. sugar)
πŸ’š Increase your liquid intake

Hope you found this helpful!

Will be happy to answer more of such interesting health-related question, you know how to reach me already!😊✨

PS: None of it is medical advice, just my opinion as a health writer.

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