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“It’s not food but the quantity that’s the problem.”

“It’s not food but the quantity that’s the problem.”

A friend said this to me & I could get it having had experienced the same issue myself.

And just the other day another friend was checking about some diet with me.

I told him that I don’t follow a diet & in general diets don’t work.

Instead, I do intuitive eating listening to my body & when it tells me that it’s done, I stop.

Rather than keep eating just because the food is super yum or to avoid any leftover or any other reason that I earlier used to give myself for eating further even after I’m full.

Besides that some healthy shifts I feel help a lot in making me feel light & healthy & relaxed/ NOT bloated throughout the day unlike before, like:
– ordering food from outside only occasionally
– avoiding processed food & carbonated drinks
– adapting to healthier alternatives to sugar
– making whole foods, green veggies &/fruits part of my meals the majority of the times
– keeping alcohol intake to the min
– doing gentle movements throughout the day
– doing some workout type 3-4 times a week, either running, gym, yoga etc.

Yes, it is not easy always to give in to the cravings, and quite frankly, I don’t avoid them always because I know that for the majority of the time, I’m making healthy eating choices so a few times in a month doesn’t matter. In fact, it’s much needed for my sanity😅

Anyhow, healthy isn’t always easy but what I feel is that once your body gets attuned with it & makes it a natural choice then it’s surely a win-win without any struggle.

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