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How to recover from a long run?

I’ve been running regularly for 6 days straight now which is a HUGE thing for me. Especially since I’m a person for whom consistency is a major issue so been able to take the starting line for 6 days straight without a gap means a lot and hope I can continue with this rhythm.

I was feeling slight stress in my shins post run today, perhaps due to an increase in my running days without gaps. Will be resting well to make sure they get the relaxation they need to recover & rejuvenate.

Of course, complimenting my runs with stretching & gentle yoga practice does help me bring ease & flexibility to my body and the runs, so will continue with that as it is.

All said & done, today although was a just-a-run run for me but it was delicious, especially since I got up fairly early today (5-5:15 am around) & hit the road at about 6 am around. Truly early morning run🥰

Given the challenging times we’re living in, my running is one of those few things that is helping me stay sane.

What is that thing for you?

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