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This is why I love to stretch before and after my runs

Quad-stretch is one of my favorite stretches before & after a workout/ running. Another fav one is a hip flexor. Stretches like these make me:
💚 Feel more flexible
💚 Warm-up for the exercise
💚 Opens up the potential for muscle movement
💚 Releases muscle tension
💚 Rejuvenates the muscles
💚 Shakes off all the lethargy

No wonder why stretching is preached & practiced by so many athletes.

Of course, there are exercises where stretching is not recommended, rather it increases the risk of injury, for instance, strength training but for most people practicing dynamic workouts/ sports like running or playing hockey, stretching is very helpful.

Being a runner myself, I would say it’s a must!

Workout aside, doing some light gentle movements throughout the day is a great habit to include in your daily routine, especially in the current scenario when most of us are working from home.

Not only does it helps you to feel more active but also is a great addition to your healthy-living ritual to stay fit & healthy.

So, do take a moment every half-hour or so & break the monotony by something as simple as an arm stretch or sending kisses to the sky (neck stretch)😁 or just a fun stroll in your house🐪

Have a good one!❤✨

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