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3 Healthy hacks for everyday cooking

Cauliflower-potato curry, chapati, basmati rice & cucumber salad❀

Wanted to try a different style of cooking cauliflower other than the usual saute style. More towards the gravy side that can be enjoyed with just about anything, roti, chapati, paratha, or rice. And this came out just as like that. Though a bit time taking prep & has a considerably higher portion of (mustard) oil & ghee than in most of my other recipes.

Nonetheless, totally worth it esp as a brunch on a Sunday (when all you want to do is just relax & let go!)πŸ˜…

Ok, have been on my two feet since the morning and now is the bit where I’m off to chill a bit and also maybe doze off a littleπŸ˜›πŸ˜‹πŸ™ˆ

But before I do that here’s some healthy cooking hacks I want to share that I’m trying to keep (yes, literally keep) in my cooking & think you can too:

πŸ’š Cook veggies without removing their skin. Do you know that the max nutrients of veggie are in its skin? So as much as possible we should try to avoid peeling it off before cooking or even in salads (as you’ll see I too didn’t remove it).

πŸ’š Another thing is about cleaning veggies like cauliflower & broccoli. We often put it in boiling water and let it boil for some time. I too used to do this until I learned that doing this can significantly take down the nutritional value of the veggie. Instead, you can put the pieces on a plate-shaped strainer, put it over boiling water & leave it for 1-2 mins. Or, simply put it in boiling water just for about a min and take it out.

πŸ’š Ok last one, boil potatoes before frying/ sautee if your recipe needs them to be fried. This will reduce the amount of oil & time needed for it to cook AND is a much healthier option than deep frying or frying it for a long time to cook.

Ok, byeπŸ‘‹

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