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Sweet corn/ cheese sandwich 🥪

In breakfast today👅😋

Ok, I’d this pack of sweet corn in my fridge and unlike making the usual masala corn with it, this time I wanted to do something different.

So, looked up some recipes and came across this simple and super delish one!🤤

Nothing major actually, simply lower the quantity of 🌰/🍅/capsicum & add a good quantity of sweet corn, rest remains the same

i.e. mayonnaise (my fav is garlic mayonnaise), some chili flakes, herbs/ oregano and/or any other flavors you enjoy + cheese slices🧀

Now you already know the rest so won’t repeat😁



Enjoy it with a strong cup of coffee to get the best kick to start your day 😴🥪☕🤜🤯🤭

Not boasting, but that easily makes into my list of one of the tastiest sandwiches I ever had👄👌

350 CALS (for 2 triangle-sized sandwiches you can see in the pics)

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