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Girl, Say Hello to your Hormones!

A couple of days back, my curious mind was doing some digging on a hormones-related topic which led me to find out so much more about their role & why it’s so imp to take care of our hormonal health esp as a woman. I’ll tell you why.

It was almost an eye-opener for me as in understanding how our body processes (including our mood, fertility, behavior, activeness, almost anything you name) is so much interconnected with our:
– Gut-health
– Hormones
– Mindset/ attitude
– Habits
– Environment

Of course, genetics does play a role too in determining our overall health but that’s not something that is in our hand so no pointing thinking/ worrying much about it.

So, back to hormones which essentially are messengers produced by some glands in our body & their main function is to:

1) Regulate proper body functioning eg. how Insulin regulates blood sugar levels

2) Prepare our body for the changing/ evolving body processes that it has to perform eg. how estrogen & progesterone prepares female bodies for pregnancy & childbearing.

Now while I was reading more about it, what was so astonishing was that how on one hand hormones regulate the body’s functioning while on the other hand their imbalance leads to so many medical health conditions like PCOS, PCOD, Diabetes (the most well-known one) etc.

I was blown away!🀯

But, here’s the main point that I wanted to make & why it’s so imp to take care of our hormones esp as women & it’s this:

They help in maintaining our fertility & keeping our bodies ready for pregnancy in our childbearing years. So imp & critical for women who want to birth a healthy child (which included a vast majority of us).

That’s why it’s all the more imp to make ourselves aware of our hormones and for this reason I’m saying hello to my hormones & why you should too!

Bbye for now!πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈβ€

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