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Here’s why I shied-away from marketing myself for the longest time!

As an introvert who was deeply passionate about doing something that helps improve people’s lives, I knew I’d found my calling when I chose health and nutrition writing to be my vocation.

But, who knew that the struggle isn’t over yet? yet another challenge, a new one after figuring out my niche😛

Because as you’ll agree, though not sure why it took so much time for ME to realize it🙈, that merely having talent isn’t enough, you got to market yourself too! Big time.

What was I even thinking? like the day Pragya figures out her passion, like clients will start raining from the heavens or what 😂🤦🏻‍♀️💭

Eventually, I realized that ain’t working for me, I mean I was barely surviving trying to keep my head above the surface just so I can breathe but for how long I could’ve carried on like that anyway🤷‍♀️

Most of my clients up until now had been either via inbound leads OR via referrals(yes, I’ve a great set of friends & fellow content writers :)) but that just didn’t cut in terms of my financial goals.

Tbh, I was just struggling. I mean how far can you expect you to go if you just rely on just choosing from what comes your way?

I knew that if I wanted more, I’d to go out there, market myself, promote my services and get the high-quality clients that I knew I deserved.

But the biggest mental blocks that I faced was that:

🧡 If I reached out to my potential prospects and told them what I’ve to offer them even though I’m not sure whether they need my services or not will be like pushing someone & trying to sell someone something they don’t need

🧡 I didn’t want to bother anyone with my cold-pitches recalling how the feels I get when someone sends me a LinkedIn connection request & slaps their service promotions right as I accept it (I still don’t like it)

🧡 The age-old adage that we’ve grown-up feeding on i.e if you’re really good at something, the world will take a note. Took me quite some time to realize that that ain’t totally true. I mean it doesn’t work that way or at least it didn’t for me cause I knew I was good at it but still, clients were always MIA lol. God! how did that happen, so unfair :p

And if you’re an introverted, female business owner, I’m sure you relate to this.

But then while surfing on the net one day I came across Marie Forleo’s YouTube channel & liked her content so much that I binged over her videos! Amongst so many gold nuggets, this one stood out for me & that’s when I started to look at sales in a completely different light💡

..and that made the much-needed mindset shift ✨

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