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My Desi Lunch❤

Daal tadka and aalo gobhi-matar sabzi with basmati rice and salad & chutney on the side, for days when your truly want to have nothing but a homemade desi indian plate❤

the best part is that it’s:

– homemade so i know what I’m eating 100% since I’m cooking it from the scratch🙈 starting with selecting fresh veggies that i wanna eat to serving the plate in the plate 🥰

– it’s 100% plant-based, rich in nutritional value both for the macros and micro nutrients in it

– it’s well-balanced in sense you get a healthy portion of everything, you get your veggies in with 1/2 of the okate filled with aalo-matar-gobi sabzi and salad, tadka dal is rich in protein as made of lentils and finally 1/4th of rice gives a good portion to carbs

– all these amazing flavours…mmmm nom nom nom🤤👅 what an beautiful palette of flavours there…so well-balanced and TASTY!

A big time-taken for me in the plate however is the one with the tiniest portion size ie. the dhaniya-pudina-amla chutney. Not boasting but my chutneys are becoming famous here (and by here i mean in my flat😛🙈) haha!

no but honestly, this chutney has so many healthy ingredients coming together & I’ve heard that these taken in small quantities with the main food not just enhances the flavour but is really great for our digestion, helps boost it🌾

What’s more? you can have this chutney with anything, samosa, daal-rice, roasted peanuts, literally it goes with everything & tastes great!

Chutney recipe, and spilling my chutney secret now haha!
In a mixer grinder take equal quantities of coriander leaves+mint leaves, add 1-2 indian gooseberry (amla) removing its seeds, some green chillies, a handful of garlic cloves, squash 1 lemon into it, little roasted cumin seeds and salt to taste + little water as need and mix it well to prepare a thick paste and voila! your chutney is ready, store it in fridge and can be used easily for approx a week or ✌️

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