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Spinach-cottage cheese curry

Can someone pls challenge me in making Palak-paneer 😭😍🐼

just kidding🦉

no need to challenge🙈


Ok, now that I’ve completely used up my smily ration for today, I’ll have to say this again…

and won’t hesitate to keep bringing this up over and over again that palak-paneer is one of the most healthy plant-based curry recipes

also yummiest and one of maah favs!

The prep is simple,
– saute onion-ginger-garlic paste in 2 tbsp mustard oil along with cumin seeds
– after 2-3 mins add the dry spices you would like to taste (usually turmeric, red chilli and coriander power is a standard for all indian curries) and saute for another 1 min
– then add tomato puree to the mix. and cook it for 2 min
– next, add the paste of spinach leaves (nice washes, boiled for a min then pureed), another 1 mins of mixing well
– last but not the least, add cube sized pieces of paneer i.e. cottage cheese along with some garam masala to this curry and let it all get nicely mixed and soak in all flavours, for about 2 mins

and tada! it’s ready😁

My lunch plate in this pic: Palak-paneer served with rice and some cucumber slices splashed with lemon drops & chaat masala/black salt🦉

500 CALS (approx)

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