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How to create a clean, green and healthy plate?

Ok, first thing’s first, who so ever has designed a traditional Indian thali, must be a genius..that’s what I feel

I mean just look at the composition and the balance of taste+nutrition it gives

there’s daal (lentils), an excellent source of plant-based protein, also rich in B vits, iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc

then there are sauteed green veggies of your choice, and we all got to eat out veggies every day in a considerably good portion

salad, again amazing nutritional value

all and all if we put all of these together carefully, they create a colorful as well as a totally nourishing meal with all essential macronutrients as well as a good amount of micronutrients

a place I feel that makes a difference is the proportions, what’s portion of what are you curating your plate with…

based on my research, here’s an easy guide to put together a healthy plate:
– 50% of the plate should be veggies & salad
– 25% should be proteins eg. pulse (like lentils, beans, etc)
– 25% should be healthy plant-based carbs as derived from whole grains eg. bread, roti, rice
– fat in moderation (speaking particularly about Indian meals, we use plant-based oils while cooking veggies + putting tadka in the daal, so I guess for us, fat proportion gets covered there)

++ chutney, again a plant-based paste that helps boost digestion so a great plus there too

ps: the size of the plate matters too, again for more specific guidance it’s a great idea to consult a credible nutritionist for that

in the pic: rice, mixed daal, sauteed veggies, salad & papad❤ which reminds me of my world-popular (in my flat😛) dhaniya-pudina chutney got over and got to make some more for the next week

chalo tc, back to work, bbye!

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