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I geeked out on antioxidants!

Antioxidants!!!/ ok I geeked out yesterday about what and why is there all the fuss about antioxidants & what exactly are the benefits of loading our bodies with antioxidant-rich food…?

and here’s my humble summary of what I learned-

so, to understand antioxidants & their imp, it only makes sense to first understand what’s oxidation process (if you don’t already, lie I didn’t or forgot😬)

our atoms that our bodies are made of are constantly undergoing chemical reactions (metabolism)

these chemical reactions can sometimes lead to the loss of an electron (that exists in pairs) from an atom, this process is called oxidation

atoms combine to form molecules (eg. macromolecules likes proteins, DNA, etc,)

so to maintain a proper body functioning, the molecules have to maintain a stable structure however if a molecule loses an electron when it isn’t supposed to, it can turn into free radical

since these free radicals are unstable, they can cause damage to other stable molecules or they can also convert other stable molecules into free radical…basically, they can impact our bodies negatively if they exist in large quantities

so they need to be stabilized and this is where antioxidants come into the picture

the atoms of antioxidants have ample electrons and so by donating an extra electron to the free radical they help in making them stable molecule

now it’s true that free radicals if present in large quantities can severely damage the body, however, the presence of free radicals is imp too for many functions

for instance, our body immune system uses free radicals to fight the bacteria that attack our body

so, the best thing is to have a healthy balance between antioxidants & free radicals for a proper body functioning

some good sources of antioxidants are vit E, vit C, vit A, carotenoids (such as beta carotene, lutein, lycopene)

and some foods that help you get them include :
🍇black grapes
🧅 onion
..walnuts, garlic, turmeric, green tea, bell peppers or peppers in gen

mic drop🎤😂


ok gonna make another ginger-tea ☕ for me now, bye!

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