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Moonglet: An omelet without egg!

Moonglet/ veg omelet, my latest try for healthy breakfast/ snacks recipes. And what an amazing spin off on the good, old classic omelet (the veg version 🙈😁) though equally yum and so simple🤤

A rather simple preparation. So here goes the recipe if making for one person i.e. for one Moonglet:

1) wash and soak 1 cup moong daal (yellow split gram) for a half-hour

2) grind it in the mixer to make a thick paste of it

3) mix 2 tbsp of rice flour in it+1/2 tbsp of turmeric powder & beat all of it well for 2 mins

4) next add finely chopped onions, chili, tomato and capsicum and half tbsp of cumin seeds and again mix it well

5) now just put Tava (griddle) on the burner, set at low flame, and spread 1 tbsp of oil on it

6) add 1/2 tbsp to the mix we’ve already prepared and mildly mix (it will all become fluffy then, thus the fluffy omelety texture🙈)

7) just pour it on the Tava and spread it in a circular shape.. sprinkle some chopped cilantro or coriander over and turn. cook the other side too until golden brown (be careful, it gets cooked fast)

8) now slice it into roughly 4 pieces and put a piece of salted butter in the middle (totally optional though😛) and feast on it!

Num-num, I can almost taste it in my mouth as I’m typing this🤤👅 guess I know what I’m gonna be having for breakfast tom😜

So, that said, I’m sure you must be tempted to try it out for yourself but before you do that just brace yourself to be showered with tons of compliment and recipe requests haha😅

And can’t go without thanking my girl @drizzlingdreamz for sharing this gem with me♥

If you’ve got any other interesting vegetarian recipes (esp plant-based healthy once🥬😬), pls do share with me and would love to try!

And for more such interesting recipes, check out and follow my profile on Instagram

Until next, take care and be safe 🙂

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