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Who Needs a Content Strategy?

Asking who needs it is like asking who needs to find their voice, the answer to which is way too obvious to say it out loud, but I’ll say it anyway- Everyone.

But before we get into that, What’s a Content Strategy anyway?

The way I see it, Content Strategy is the process of identifying your core values and value proposition as a professional or a brand and creating a plan to express it in the most authentic way possible. If done right, it not just just helps in clearing the clutter but also helps you find your voice and make a connevct with your target audience.

And the better you get at finding your voice & using it, the better it gets for you, be it your career, job search, business or your overall quality of life. This is because better self-expression leads to a happier & more content life.

Come to think of it, creating a content strategy is in fact very much an effort to find your voice, then be it:

● Through your CV/ resume for a job opening that’s a great fit (if you’re a job seeker)
● Through your communication skill at your job to make sure you to get the due notice for your efforts along with your work (if you’re an employee)
● Through your personal branding to attract your tribe & the right opportunities for yourself (this applies to everyone)
● Through your marketing campaign to get the desired results (if you’re a marketer)
● Through your brand message to reach & attract the right audience for your product/ services (if you’re a businessman)

So knowingly or unknowingly, we all do need & use a content strategy. The difference lies in who does it well.

Keep improving your content strategy & keep upping your game.

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