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How To Find Your Voice Through Social Media?

First job and fiasco

In 2017, while I was still in my first corporate job, I’d increasingly started to find it deeply unfulfilling and unsatisfying. Yes, there are many pros to join an MNC in your first job, a major one being job security, and relatively less workload but it doesn’t come without a price. The established stature of the company also, on the other hand, can make you starve for one real meaningful role, especially in your starting years. To be honest, I’ve experienced days when my only work would be to get the documents signed by the leadership team and email them to the required person. Personally, the extent of feeling unseen, undervalued, and underutilized was so severe that it almost dragged me into depression.

Feeling lost with no voice

That job really made me question my self-worth. Often I would think that I’ve got so many good ideas on how can we do things differently, what more can we do in the team but all in vain. The dreams in the eyes of this fresh out of college MBA graduate had started to fade. It had started to become sickening sad for me as I’d started to lose my voice, or even worse, started to question if I had one in the first place or not. I knew something needed to change. 

LinkedIn came into my life

Around the same time, I came across LinkedIn which for me, as I earlier knew of it, was a job searching portal but was quick to realize that it had transformed into a micro-blogging site where people from different professions were sharing their work stories, projects, opinions, light-hearted posts on everyday work life, inspirational messages, basically everything work-related.

Spoke-up for the first time

After almost two years of strolling in the darkness and on the brink of breaking down, it seemed as if I’d found a window to channel MY thoughts out into the world. The writer within me thought that at last, I’ve got a platform, a place where I can share my professional or work-related thoughts and opinions and at least one person would pay attention. With that, I started my LinkedIn journey by writing short, from the heart meaningful posts on subjects, themes that I felt will resonate with my network that today, I proudly call my LinkedIn community. And I was right, for the first time in a long time, I felt heard and seen almost as if the veil over me was lifted.

My tribe helped me find my voice

That was the starting of building my LinkedIn community. Slowly with time, people started engaging with my posts and vice-versa. As I got further involved on the platform and engaged more meaningfully, not only did I started to use my voice through my posts but also started to regain the lost confidence of having a voice. My actions and the pleasant acknowledgment that I received from my community strengthened my faith in myself and my capabilities that I was indeed worth doing much more than getting the documents signed and teleporting them from one inbox to another. I realized with my consistent actions and the encouragement that I received from the community, that I too have got a voice and it matters.

Never looked back

The rest, as they say, is history. Since then a lot has changed. Today I’m 4 years, 2 jobs and 2 entrepreneurial stints older and God! What a h*ck-of-a-roller-coaster ride has it been, so many highs and lows but not a single moment of regret. And all this became possible just because an ambitious, unfulfilled soul deprived of a real chance to speak-up ultimately found a window to do that. It was this unquenched thirst for being heard that led me to this amazing platform to express myself. It was here that I found my community and It was here that I found my voice.

The journey continues

Learning the ropes from my journey, I now work as a content writer and digital marketer helping individuals and organizations find their brand’s unique voice, use it and be heard. So far we’ve helped +50 organizations in making their brand voice reach their target market and make a connection. Life seems to have come to a full-circle for me and I know that from here on, there’s no looking back.

Me at my work station

On an ending note

Enclosing, I would just like to say that I firmly believe that every individual or organization has got a story to share and that story needs to be heard. So no matter where you are in your journey, just keep the voice of your soul lit and keep putting your voice out there. For me, LinkedIn became the medium to do so, for you it could be any other platform that you find comfortable to get started with. As you will continue to do that, your vibe will start attracting your tribe. Eventually, that unique voice that may right now seem to be lost under the layers of time strained events, will start to emerge and just like me, you too will find your voice 🙂

Take care, be safe and keep finding your voice!

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