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How To Get Started As A Health And Wellness Writer?

5-Step proven strategy for starting a career as a health and wellness writer.

The pandemic’s alarm
The Coronavirus pandemic had covered the whole world and disrupted it at every level and in all areas. The consequences, until now and ongoing, are shocking. People’s health, well being and economy have suffered the hardest hit. A staggering number of people have lost their jobs or are sent on unpaid leaves. This has put many people who worked for cash-in-hand jobs in a crisis situation. Overall, the pandemic has not left any life untouched.

Healthcare professionals, the true soldiers leading the war against Coronavirus
In this condition, the one industry that has the maximum responsibility to control, contain and treat Coronavirus infection is the healthcare industry. At this point in time, it’s the doctors, nurses, and other frontline healthcare professionals who are the true soldiers leading this war against Coronavirus. By following measures as staying in quarantine, taking care of personal hygiene and maintaining social distancing is one way how we can help ourselves, our loved ones, and our leaders in stabilizing situations as soon as possible.

The emerging need for health bloggers and writers to spread more awareness for better health, hygiene and wellness
Striving towards doing our part in stabilizing the current scenario is not possible without an increased awareness of health, hygiene, and wellness. This needs better support from professionals specialized in writing, creating content and spreading the message. Thus, the subsequent demand for those who:

  • Has a flair and interest in writing
  • See a purpose in helping improve people’s lives
  • Actually want to explore the opportunities working as a health & wellness writer

So, if you see yourself having some of the qualities and traits mentioned above then continue to stay with me in the next section. Moving forward, I’m going to share my 5-step proven strategy for getting started as a health and wellness writer that has really worked well for me when I started out 3 years back. I intend and hope they work for you too as you begin your journey of becoming a freelance health writer and/or blogger.

The 5-step proven strategy for getting started as a health and wellness writer

Step-1: Build a relevant portfolio
The reason why I say a relevant portfolio, is because I mean your writer’s portfolio should have some health industry-relevant samples. This is required as your portfolio will travel to people who would prefer content creators specialized in the healthcare industry. So, it definitely makes sense to have some samples ready in the healthcare niche before you start looking for opportunities. Another reason being, almost all the prospects in the beginning discussions would like to see your portfolio. It is only after they trust that you can do the job that they will move ahead. So, having a portfolio is a must.

Step-2: Try guest-blogging or self-publishing to create the first few samples
So yeah, guest blogging is an option definitely. But as you’re getting started with health writing, my guess is that you have not tried guest-blogging much. And honestly speaking, guest pitching is an altogether different battle especially as you’re just starting out. Not that your experience would matter in the number of years but it sure does reflect when you’re pitching for a guest blog (at least, that’s what has been my personal experience). This is so because pitching for guest blogging is an art as well as science. So if you’re able to get an understanding of the kinds of topics that your targetted publishers are posting and you want to give it a shot, then by all means, please go ahead. But if that hasn’t worked for you or you want an alternative, self-publishing on platforms like MyStory, Thrive Global, the LinkedIn articles section, or on your own blog works well for putting together a good portfolio in place.

How to pitch a guest post for a health blog?

Step-3: Update your profile on LinkedIn and job portals
Yep, you got to get this in place before you start reaching out and applying for writing opportunities. Since not having your profile current, with your interest and experience reflected well, may leave the prospect or recruiter confused as they visit your profile. So work on creating a really clear and interesting profile, filling-up all the required details. Pay special attention to the headline of your profile, the one that will show next to or below your name. It’s a critical owing to its position and visibility. Most likely, its the first thing anyone will notice. So not having it speak loud and clear for you, may easily lead to an opportunity missed.

Step-4: Start writing niche-specific and your specialty-focused posts on LinkedIn
LinkedIn is a powerful platform. This platform if utilized well, can prove to be a professional boon. Personally, for me, LinkedIn has gotten me some of the best clients by inbound leads. Just by constantly putting myself out there. A great way to do that is by regularly posting your niche-specific content that is interesting, engaging and adds value. It should also in some way spread the word that you’re a health writer so that businesses looking for one can reach you. There are many other ways to use LinkedIn to generate opportunities for yourself, but more on this in my next blog.

Step-5: Start looking-up for opportunities on LinkedIn and Job portals, and start reaching out
So now that you’ve got other things in place, pull-up your shirt and start reaching out to the right prospects and relevant job postings on job portals. Now, how to look-up for the right prospects in your niche i.e. Health and wellness, it’s an altogether different ball game and I’m going to cover it in one of my upcoming blogs. But I can safely say that, while reaching out to your prospects be authentic, don’t sound desperate and lastly, stay focused on establishing a genuine connection with people you can learn and share, and contribute to. It works just as well in business as it does in life 🙂

On a closing note
Hope this blog helped to at least give you a view of some building blocks on getting started as a health and wellness writer. In my upcoming blogs, I’ll continue elaborating further on the challenges that you might face starting-out and how to counter them, how to research and write your first blog, how to do lead generation, doing your own PR and landing your first client. Until then, bye!

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